"...contend for the faith that was once for all
delivered to the saints."
(Jude 1:3b)

Our Purpose

To know Jesus

To share His love

To lead others to Him

Where are we?

Sunday Services

We have two venues.

9:30am at 340 Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga

The service has a full Children's Programme taking place at the same time. This is followed by morning tea or coffee at about 10:45am.

11:00am - 12 noon
at Carmel
Country Estate

Services are held in the main meeting room of Carmel Country Estate, on the corner of Poike Road and Hollister Lane in the suburb of Ohauiti, Tauranga.

It is a more traditional worship service.

This service does not cater for Children's Ministry.

Church Office

340 Welcome Bay Road
9:30am - 12:30pm, Wednesday & Friday
Phone: 07 544 0682
email: office@wbcc.org.nz

Message from Jodi Norrish

Four months ago, Jodi Norrish had ground-breaking brain surgery to deal with alcoholism. Now, after recent adjustments to the device, she is delighted with the result.
Here's her message written on 23rd July.

It's hard to believe it has only been four months since brain surgery. It feels so much longer. The last 4 months have been incredibly difficult as the first setting they had me on had a VERY negative effect. (e.g. serious suicidal thoughts). It's scary to think the device could have that much effect, but part of the trial I guess.

My last trip to Dunedin was well worth it! Two weeks on and I just can't believe how different I feel! It's like I have finally got my life back! The urge or obsession is pretty much gone – just like a fleeting thought!

I believe I am cured/recovered. I no longer have the "disease" of alcoholism. I can have a drink and stop or not drink at all. It's absolutely amazing how this thing works.

I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and have the greatest empathy for all those addicts struggling.

Just goes to show: "Never give up" and "Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light." I finally have found restoration; I have been rewired for life! Thank you all for your encouragement, support and prayers. All Glory to God who went before me and paved the way.


Valerie Archer

At Kapuna, Valerie and other family members run a hospital, an elementary school, a Nurse training school, a Discipleship training school and a trading post. They also supervise village health centres in the region.

Kapuna website
Kapuna and Kikori Photo Album
Kapuna Hospital Facebook page
Godfrey and Glen Sim in Papua New GuineaGodfrey and Glen Sim

Godfrey is Mission Aviation Fellowship's liaison officer and counsellor to the rural churches.
Glen is an administrator with special responsibility for Mt Hagen Hospitality and for International Communications.

Read their May 2017 Newsletter.

MAF Papua New Guinea website.

Life-saving flight to hospital

Read this story of MAF working with others to get seriously ill villagers to Rumginae hospital.

The photo below is of Rumginae airstrip and village in the lowlands of Western Province. The hospital is at the far end of the airstrip, on the left.


Coming events

Friday 28 July
7:30am – Prayer for the church and community, 340 W.B. Road.

Sunday 30 July
9:30am – Family Service at 340 Welcome Bay Road, with children's programme.

11:00am – Service at Carmel Country Estate.
No children's programme.

Welcome Bay Church
On The Move

After several years of meeting in and functioning from various venues, we are finally in the process of moving back into the centre of Welcome Bay. Looking for a suitable site has been a long faith journey, but all the work and fund raising has come to fruition.

A three acre property at 340 Welcome Bay Road (on the sweeping corner opposite Welcome Bay Primary School) has been purchased.

We have established our Office there, and our first Sunday Service is scheduled for 30th July 2017.
We look forward to serving God and celebrating our community from our new location.