Pastoral Care

Our team is an integral part of WBCC where we are committed to being of service to each and everyone of you.

Our role includes:
  • visiting the sick at home or in hospital
  • providing meals
  • gardening
  • providing food baskets when necessary
  • visiting those who are lonely
  • arranging pastoral lunches
  • and so much more.

However, we can only fulfill these duties if we are made aware of those needs. So can I urge you, if you know of someone who could do with some help, please contact us so that we can be even more effective.

I also believe that part of being a healthy church is to be part of a family where we not only worship together but that we socialise together too.

Finally, can I encourage you to keep wearing your name badges. It really is beneficial to each of us.

   Pastoral Care Team

   Ethne Breebaart, Lyndsay Bol, Janet McCutchan.