Sermons – 2016

Listed below are sermons presented at Welcome Bay and Carmel Community Churches during 2016.
The sermon notes are designed for reading and consideration by individuals and groups.
Unless otherwise stated, they have been presented by Pastor Andrew Kulasingham.

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18 Dec 2016   View Grace and Truth – Same Difference
11 Dec 2016   View Without Beginning or End
13 Nov 2016   View Believing the Unbelievable – Part Two
6 Nov 2016 Read View Believing the Unbelievable – Part One
23 Oct 2016 Read View Shelter from the Storm
16 Oct 2016 Read View Having done all – Stand!
9 Oct 2016   View Help! The boat is sinking. (Speaker: Craig Hill)
2 Oct 2016 Read View The Power of Submission
25 Sep 2016 Read   Walk in Wisdom
18 Sep 2016   View The Power of Love – My Story (Speaker: Simon Mauritsen)
11 Sep 2016 Read View Walk in Love
4 Sep 2016 Read  Walk in Truth
21 Aug 2016 Read  Walk in Unity
14 Aug 2016 Read The True Jesus Church (Part Two)
31 Jul 2016 Read The True Jesus Church (Part One)
24 Jul 2016 Read The Real Us (Part Two)
17 Jul 2016 Read The Real Us (Part One)
3 Jul 2016 Read The Real You
26 Jun 2016 Read God's New Community: Under One Roof
5 Jun 2016 Read The heart wants what it wants
29 May 2016 Read What is that in your hand?
15 May 2016 Read Eagles Soar, Turkeys Roast
8 May 2016 Read The Mother Heart of God
24 Apr 2016 Read Unfinished Business
17 Apr 2016 Read Household Salvation
3 Apr 2016 Read Ripple Effect
27 Mar 2016 Read Eggs, Bunnies and an Empty Tomb
25 Mar 2016 Read The Best Weekend Ever
20 Mar 2016 Read The High(er)way to Happiness
13 Mar 2016 Read Both Saviour and Lord – not either or
14 Feb 2016 Read New Day, New Way
7 Feb 2016 Read Bound by a Scarlet Cord
31 Jan 2016 Read Courage is a Verb
24 Jan 2016 Read Eye on the Prize
10 Jan 2016 Read Bury the hatchet; don't mark the spot