Sermons – 2018

Listed below are sermons presented at Welcome Bay and Carmel Community Churches during 2018.
The sermon notes are designed for reading and consideration by individuals and groups.
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30 Dec 2018 Audio View Let's Walk on Water (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
23 Dec 2018 Audio View Born to Save (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
16 Dec 2018   Audio   The Times They Are A-Changin' (Craig Hill)
9 Dec 2018 Read   View Revisiting the Elementary Principles of Christ – 5: Are You Alive? (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
2 Dec 2018 Read Audio   Hands-on Christianity (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
25 Nov 2018   Audio   The Quest for Authentic Community (Craig Hill)
18 Nov 2018   Audio View Responding to God's Call (Kel Steiner – visiting speaker)
11 Nov 2018 Read Audio   Moving While Standing Still (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
4 Nov 2018   Audio   Love One Another (Heather Tuck)
28 Oct 2018 Read Audio   Revisiting the Elementary Principles of Christ – 4: All In – The Doctrine of Baptisms (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
21 Oct 2018   Audio View The Higher Law (Pastor Jim Dube – visiting speaker)
14 Oct 2018 Read   View Revisiting the Elementary Principles of Christ – 3: Faith Toward God (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
7 Oct 2018 Read Audio   Times to Pray (Sam Verbitsky)
30 Sep 2018 Read Audio View Revisiting the Elementary Principles of Christ – 2: Rock Solid Faith (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
23 Sep 2018 Read Audio View The Bible – a Life Giving Book (Arthur Crane)
16 Sep 2018   Audio  View Seeing Through the Fog – Seeking Wisdom and Revelation (Craig Hill)
9 Sep 2018 Read   Revisiting the Elementary Principles of Christ – 1: Mastering the U-Turn (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
2 Sep 2018 Read Audio   Homecoming (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
26 Aug 2018   Audio   Do Not Worry (Sybrand Van Schalkwyk)
19 Aug 2018   Audio   The Messiness of Transformation (Craig Hill)
12 Aug 2018 Read Audio View Jewels of God (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
5 Aug 2018     View God of New Beginnings (Heather Tuck)
29 Jul 2018 Read Audio View Tithing and Thriving (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
22 Jul 2018   Audio View Prayer Spenders (Logan Niederer)
15 Jul 2018 Read Audio   You Can't Contract Love (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
8 Jul 2018 Read Audio   Spread the Fragrance — Shine the Light (Arthur Crane)
1 Jul 2018   Audio View A Faithful Wanderer (Craig Hill)
24 Jun 2018 Read Audio View The Irreverent and Irrelevant Priesthood (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
17 Jun 2018 Read Audio View The Resurrection (Tom Hadfield)
10 Jun 2018 Read Audio View Honourable Worship (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
3 Jun 2018 Read View The Jacob/Esau Response (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
27 May 2018 Audio Pursuing Consistency in an Ever Changing World (Craig Hill)
20 May 2018 Read Audio View God's Cascading Love (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
13 May 2018   Audio View Mothers Day – The Woman to be Admired and Praised (Heather Tuck)
6 May 2018 Read Audio View The Necessary Other (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
29 Apr 2018 Audio View If there are people who care, there is hope. (Logan Niederer)
22 Apr 2018 Read Audio View Am I My Brother's Keeper? (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
15 Apr 2018 Read Audio View The Helper (Rhena Kulasingham)
8 Apr 2018 Read Audio View The Emmaus Road to Transformation (Arthur Crane)
1 Apr 2018 Audio View He is Risen! Believe it. (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
25 Mar 2018   Audio View The God Who Whispers (Craig Hill)
18 Mar 2018 Read Audio View Relationships 2 – God's Eternal Dream, (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
11 Mar 2018 Audio View His Story – Part 2 (Tom Hadfield. For Part 1, see 26 Nov. 2017.)
4 Mar 2018 Audio Relationships 1 – Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
25 Feb 2018 Audio Our Heritage (Heather Tuck)
18 Feb 2018 Read Prayer 2 – From Amen to Amen (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
4 Feb 2018 Read Audio View Prayer 1 – Why Pray? Why Not? (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
28 Jan 2018     View Servant of All (Logan Niederer)
21 Jan 2018   Audio Miracles of Jesus 4 – Breakfast by the Sea (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)
14 Jan 2018   Audio View Tough Questions Jesus Asked (Craig Hill)
7 Jan 2018   Audio View If Life is a Game (Pastor Andrew Kulasingham)